Heating Pads & Blankets Price in Pakistan


Certeza HP-220 Heating Pad


Heating Pads and Blankets

Electric heating pads target specific body areas for pain relief, like the back or abdomen. Electric blankets provide overall warmth for the entire body during colder weather. Both use electricity for comfort and are safe when used according to instructions.

Electric Heating Pad Price in Pakistan

The price of electric heating pads in Pakistan is as follows:

Product NameBrandPrice
Electric Heating Hot Water Bottle Bag PadImported₨ 750
LifeCare Hot Water Bottle Heating PadLifeCare₨ 799
Certeza HP-220 Heating PadCerteza₨ 3,199
ATOM Medical AT-240 King Size Electric Heating PadATOM Medical₨ 3,699
Certeza Heating Pad – HP-250Certeza₨ 3,699
LifeCare Medical King Size Heating PadLifeCare₨ 3,999
Certeza HP-260 Heating Pad for Shoulder and NeckCerteza₨ 5,199
Certeza UB-10 Single Bed Electric Under BlanketCerteza₨ 6,500
Besmed BE-240 (HT-00240) – King Size Heating PadBesmed₨ 7,999
Beurer HK Comfort – Extremely Soft Surface Heating PadBeurer₨ 7,500
Beurer Heating Pad – Hot Water Bottle DesignBeurer₨ 7,500
Beurer HK-49 Heating Pad for Cosy Stomach & BackBeurer₨ 11,500
Certeza UB-20 Double Bed Electric Under BlanketCerteza₨ 11,100

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