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What is the price of Certeza BP apparatus BM 450 in Pakistan?

This BM450 Certeza BP Meter Arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor LED Display can be yours for only ₨ 5,500!

The BM 450 is a blood pressure monitor produced by Certeza Medical, a German healthcare company that specializes in medical devices and personal care products. The BM 450 is an upper arm blood pressure monitor that allows you to measure your blood pressure at home, rather than having to visit a doctor or clinic.

Some features of the BM 450 blood pressure monitor include:

  1. Large, easy-to-read display: The BM 450 has a large display that shows your blood pressure reading, pulse rate, and other relevant information in a clear, easy-to-read format.
  2. Automatic measurement: The monitor is designed to automatically inflate and deflate the cuff, making it easy and convenient to use.
  3. Memory function: The BM 450 has a built-in memory that can store up to 2 users’ blood pressure readings, with up to 60 readings per user.
  4. Bluetooth connectivity: The BM 450 can connect to your smartphone or another mobile device via Bluetooth, allowing you to track and monitor your blood pressure readings over time.
  5. Irregular heartbeat detection: The monitor can detect irregular heartbeats during measurements and alert you to seek medical attention if necessary.

The BM 450 blood pressure monitor is designed for home use and is intended to provide accurate blood pressure readings to help monitor your overall health. It’s important to note that while the BM 450 can be a helpful tool, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider if you have concerns about your blood pressure or other health issues.

Certeza digital blood pressure monitors are one of the most accurate. These are the most accurate blood pressure monitor for home use in 2023.