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Scam Alrert! – Muslim Medical is Spreading Our Fake NTN

Scam Alert! A company is falsely stating that Hamza Surgicals Claims to be Certeza, which is untrue and we did not ever claim to be Certeza. We want to clarify that Hamza Surgical offers lower prices compared to their Daraz Store and have good search appearance on Google for providing good services to customers. To undermine our credibility, they’ve fabricated a fake NTN under our name.

Verify Our NTN Number:

You can Verify our NTN#A435021 from FBR Website: Hamza Surgical assert that these companies are creating baseless excuses to harm our sales.


We are attaching proofs for Invoices, Transactions and WhatsApp chat with Certeza salesman ‘Hafiz Nazim-ud-deen (CNIC#3520112762809)‘ below that we were trading with Certeza Importers/Manufacturers, Also we had shared our NTN & CNIC Copy with them for registration for selling their products (Proof is attached below):

Certeza Official Invoice with Our NTN Number & Details

Proof of Payment Transfered in Certeza Importers Account Against the Above Invoice

WhatsApp chat with Certeza SalesMan ‘Hafiz Nazim-ud-deen:

As you can see in the below screenshot that we have shared our NTN with the salesman of Certeza and giving him orders. The NTN was shared for registration purposes and their salesman registered our NTN. Whenever Hamza Surgical get registered or affiliate into any company, we do voice recordings for proofs and we did the same. “On the behalf of recorded discussions, I sent them these messages” and salesman is asking for the pickup.

In the second screenshot you can see I am asking for the product availability and salesman is confirming it by Mentioning ‘Original Certeza‘ in his message and salesman is providing me the Official Company account for making Transactions.

After making transaction (Can be verified from Bank) against the provided invoice (on which my NTN Number “A435021” is mentioned). As I also buy products from other registered sellers for competitive prices to provide my customers best price, I am linked with them also as the Certeza Products remains Out of Stock in market. Being honest with patients I arrange products from these sellers also. I have proofs and invoices of other registered sellers also to proof that, I am selling 100% Original Certeza Products without compromising the Quality. In the below screenshot salesman is asking for pickup and I sent one of their registered seller for pickup my order from Certeza as I was not available to pickup.

Note: We have Voice Recordings also as a proof that Hamza Surgical was trading with Certeza.


Hamza Surgical is offering lowest rates as compared with daraz and other platforms so they are trying to hurt our online visibility. Previously, no one was aware of the Certeza Repairing Centre and public started search on google, as I am on the top list by Google for my good services, people started asking me for repairing centres (because Certeza products don’t come with warranty cards or claim addresses). This lack of information is why people know much about their official repairing centres. These companies are making baseless excuses to hurt our sales and identity just because we are providing Right Information to the customers. It’s our responsibility to deal with our customers honestly and provide them with Authentic products and accurate information. Thank You!


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