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Certeza BM-405 Vs BM-407

Feature Certeza BM-405 Certeza BM-407
Arm Circumference Range 22-42cm 22-36cm
Display Large LCD Large LCD
Hypertension Indicator Yes Yes
Memory Function Yes Yes
Irregular Heartbeat Indicator Yes Yes
Average Value Calculation Yes Yes
Operation One-button automatic One-button automatic
Medical Product Yes Yes
Date and Time Function Yes Yes
Automatic Switch Off Yes Yes
Application Error Signal Yes Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes Yes
Storage Case Yes Yes
Batteries 4 x AAA or 6V 1A adapter 4 x AA
Optional AC Adapter Optional Optional
Dimensions (cm) Approx. 11.0 x 11.0 x 4.0 Approx. 11.4 x 16.6 x 7.2
Weight (g) Approx. 284 (excluding batteries) Approx. 425 (excluding batteries)
Measuring Range BP: 0mmHg – 300mmHg Pulse: 40 – 199 beats/min BP: 0mmHg – 300mmHg Pulse: 30 – 180 beats/min
Barcode EAN no.: 747 8276 40500 4 EAN no.: 747 8276 40700 8

These tables offer a comparison of the features, specifications, and accessories of the Certeza BM-405 and Certeza BM-407 blood pressure monitors.

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